5 Pros Of Postponing Your Wedding

Looking for reasons to be cheerful after postponing your wedding? We are here for you!

The year 2020 was a tough one for everyone and will surely go down as a year to forget. For many unfortunate couples however, 2020 was supposed to be a year they remembered for the rest of their lives.

The ONS have suggested the COVID-19 crisis has directly affected over 73,000 weddings and civil partnerships in the UK alone. 

Are you a soon-to-be-wed who has been left feeling disappointed after having to postpone your big day? We want to offer you a positive outlook where perhaps you were struggling to find one! 

Here are our 5 reasons to be cheerful after postponing your wedding.

1. More Time To Plan 

With suppliers to contact, tasting menus to sample and dresses to try on, wedding planning can be a busy and stressful time. Now that you’ve postponed your wedding day, you’ve been gifted a few extra months to make sure everything is perfect. Be sure to use the time wisely and get caught up on any planning elements that you might have fallen behind with.  

2. You Can Get Creative

DIY wedding decorations add a more personalised and bespoke feel to your wedding. From table centre pieces to unique guestbook ideas, there are so many great ways to give your wedding a more distinctive and memorable twist. Plus, it’ll give you something to do during lockdown! 

3. Enjoy Being Engaged 

Marriage will last a lifetime (hopefully) but the average engagement length is just 20 months. This time is one of the most special in any relationship so enjoy your new status and revel in the fact that you’ll be a fiancé or fiancée for a little longer than most! 

4. You Can Keep Your Date … Almost

Once you’ve set a date for your big day, it’s easy to become attached to it and not want that to change. As many couples already have, you can consider postponing by exactly 1 year, so that the date itself wont change. This might even mean moving to an off-peak day such as a Sunday, in which case you might even save yourself some money! 

5. Save For The Honeymoon 

With shops closed, non essential travel banned and pubs and restaurants operating at a reduced capacity, many couples have found that they have been able to put more money into savings this year than ever before. Take advantage of these savings by starting a ‘honeymoon funds’ account, allowing you to dream big for what will be the trip of a lifetime!