The Perfect Wedding Reception

You’ve decided what time your wedding ceremony will take place and organised a time for the wedding breakfast with your venue.  Next up, it’s time to plan the perfect wedding reception! 

There is still lots more of your big day to be enjoyed, including cutting the cake and the all important first dance, so getting this right will be key to helping you and your guests enjoy what is surely the most fun part of the day! 

Below is our recommended rundown for all of the evenings celebrations, as well as some pro-tips and insights into how to get this right so that everything runs smoothy! 

8:20pm – The Cake Cutting

A special moment for you and a big photo op for all of your guests – especially those evening guests for whom this will be the first opportunity to catch a glimpse of the newly weds! 

Our #1 tip … Don’t do this too early! A premature cake cutting can leave the reception feeling disjointed. Instead, cut the cake around 8:20pm and head straight to the dance floor for the last formality of the day! 

8:25pm – The First Dance

If you have followed our advice and come straight from cutting the cake, you will already have all of our guests gathered around you, ready to watch your first dance as Mr & Mrs. It’s a good idea to coordinate with your band about when you would like them to invite everyone onto the dance floor with you. Some couples like to get this done as soon as possible while others have a pre choreographed routine that they don’t want anyone to interrupt! 

8:30pm – The Party

The formalities of the day are complete. Now it’s time for everyone to let their hair down. Having your live band kick straight in after the first dance creates an awesome atmosphere and gets everyone onto the dance floor right from the start.

Quick tip – when the bride is on the dance floor everyone else will be too! If you’re keen for everyone to throw some shapes then lead by example and you’ll have everyone following suit!  

9:30pm – The Food

Whilst some of your guests have just finished a three (or four, or five) course meal, others will have arrived for your evening reception with an empty stomach. This can cause some problems later on if they have been taking advantage of your generous open bar policy!  Serving the food while the band is still performing is a no go, as you’ll lose your guests to the buffet when they should be partying! Instead, line up the serving of your evening food with the band’s break.

10:30pm The Party part 2

Now that everyone has had their fill of hog roast / BBQ / pizza / bacon sarnies / cheese platters, or whatever other tasty treats you have provided as your evening food option, it’s time to get back to the dance floor. The second band set is always all killer no filler, so you wont want to miss a second of it! Celebrate into the night with sing-alongs, dance-offs and party anthems, while surrounded by all of your closest friends and family. 

11:30pm – The Goodbyes

Make sure you leave some time at the end of the night to say goodbye to your guests. If your venue need everyone to be out by midnight, then we recommend having your live band finish at 11:30pm so that you have time to thank everyone for coming and let them tell you just how amazing the day was one more time!! 

Now that have the outline for planning the perfect wedding reception, you’re going to need some epic live music. Come and check out our acts over at www.anthemmusicagency.co.uk/our-acts and find the perfect match for your big day!

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